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Ola Tunander

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I have a question about Ola Tunander's presentation on 25 November 2023 in Stockholm (https://rumble.com/v3z1kym-ola-tunander-om-nord-stream-eng-subs.html).

Why don’t you mention in your presentation that Björn Lund, seismologist at Uppsala University, has said the following to the newspaper Expressen: ”We are not ready yet [with our analysis], but what we see here is that less than 50 kg of explosives are needed to cause what we see [Björn Lund is referring to the damage done to Nord Stream]. And it could be the case that even less is needed, perhaps. Maybe 25 kg is enough.”

Another statement by Björn Lund is paraphrased by the journalist: ”According to Lund the new calculations show that the pressurised gas in the pipelines caused the larger part of the energy that was measured [by seismologists] in connection with the explosion.”

The Expressen journalist provides this background in his article: ”Björn Lund […] commented early on and made comments on the explosions, which he then calculated would have corresponded to up to 400 kg of TNT for the largest of the explosions. Since then new calculations have been made in an international cooperation between Uppsala university, Danish GEUS, Norwegian NORSAR, Stanford and German BGR. The study will be presented in December at an international conference in San Francisco, but Expressen is able to reveal som the conclusions in advance.” (End of quote from Expressen https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/mindre-an-50-kilo-sprangmedel-vid-explosionen-pa-nord-stream/)

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