This information is very important. Thank you Ola.

I want to repeat a Garland Nixon tweet in connection with Seymour Hersh's article:

The US literally used a military exercise which simulated protecting NATO countries from a Russian attack, to carry out a military attack against a NATO country... no irony here.

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There are 68 posts about the case.

Focus on 22/09 and you get the story.

Does THIS revelation explain why US Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro suddenly canceled his trip to Poland opening the new pipeline???

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It is important to focus on 21-22/09.

All started here:

21 Sept 2022 - UK Prime Minister Truss addresses the United Nations General Assembly (transcript here)

01:00 min: "...Geopolitics is entering a new era.."

06:00 min: "We are cutting off the toxic power and pipelines from authoritarian regimes and strengthening our energy resilience."

Following meeting Biden-Truss and Blinken-Cleverly were about US LNG deliveries for Europe.

Then a calm shower came. The US either found our, was told or it figured that a mission against Nordstream was about to happen:

22 Sept 2022 - US considers suspending ‘special relationship’ label after Liz Truss visit

“We'll shut it down until we can figure out what's going on.”


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What was the role of Boris Johnson you know now from the 1stcpost, now here is the reign of Liz Truss in connection to Nordstream affair:


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After 44 years the UK became net energy exporter on 29/09/2022 as Europe was scrambling for energy. It also deflected Norwegians to lower their exports. The UK became hub for US LNG as it could finally deploy it's excess LNG capacity. The UK found a backdoor into EU energy single market.


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The UK has prepared itself for future, ordered own insurance companies to pull out of Nordstream, and UK companies from Russia



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After Brexit the UK energy/security/economic/geo-political position was dire. A project of Global Britain was adjusted. One part in it was how to handle UK lagging energy deficit vis-a-vis EU? The UK was kicked out of EU Single energy market and could not sell excess wind or solar and Norwegians wanted to reduce their exports.

Based on data set I found a plan was conceived some time in January 2022.


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Dear Ola Tunander,

I have some evidence you may want to check out. Your data is great but there are many holes which need to be filled before one can create hypothesis and test it.

The focus should be on 21-22/09 when the plan of Nordstream mission leaked.


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